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Influencer Campaigns & Spokesperson

Myrtol 300



Jessica's robust knowledge o the human body and her experience in medicine made her the perfect spokesperson to educate about product Myrtol300 and all the ways it can combat cold and flu symptoms! Check out the full video HERE.

Tyent USA Alkaline Water


Influencer Campaign

Alkaline water is the newest "health food" on the market. Jessica was able to share Facebook and Instagram posts with social media followers  aboutall the ways to maximize the use of alkaline water to reap the diverse cooking tips and health benefits. Watch the full video - coming soon!



Brand Ambassador

MomPops, a local vegan ice pop company, shares the mission of providing healthy alternatives to the masses! MomPops sponsors Jessica at her public speaking engagements bringing free samples and coupons for attendees. Jessica works closely with Mompops owners to develop new flavors and discuss health benefits of the ingredients.

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