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Jessica is a physician assistant (PA-C) with a masters degree in health science from Drexel University and certification in Culinary Medicine from Tulane University. She has worked as a healthcare provider since 2010 in the inpatient and outpatient settings.  Jessica is the founder of Eat Your Way To Wellness, a company dedicated to empowering others with practical approaches to nutrition and lifestyle. Jessica contributes content and information on a variety of media platforms, including being an expert contributor to a variety of published articles. 

Featured in: Reader's Digest 

June 2019

Does the Bone Broth Diet Work for Weight Loss?

Featured in: Aaptiv

May 2019

How to Buy the Healthiest Bread

Author, Published in: Hungry Harvest Blog

January 2019

The Power of Positive Food & Positive Thinking

Featured in: Aaptiv

January 2019

5 Common Wrist Injuries & How to Treat Them

Featured in: PartySpace

November 2018

How to Plan the Perfect Vegan Wedding

Featured in: She Knows

October 2018

No, Essential Oil 'Flue Bombs' Are Not Flu Shots

Featured in: Parade

September 2018

15 Ways to Get Your 5 Servings of Vegetables a Day

Featured in: Medium & Thrive Global

October 2018

Featured Article & Highlight of Jessica Deluise

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October 2018

Bored of Avocados? Here are 13 Foods Experts Say Are Trending This Year!

Featured in: Insider

August 2018

13 Seemingly Harmless 'Health Hacks' to Watch Out For

Featured in: Cooking Light

June 2018

Best Snacks You can Choose on 5 Major Airlines

Featured in: Spark People

May 2018

Should You Keep Exercising If You Feel Dizzy?

Featured in: Reader's Digest

May 2018

9 Ways You Are Unknowingly making Crohn's disease Worse

Featured in: Aaptiv

April 2018

Try These Expert Recommended Foods for Better Sleep

Featured in: Medium & Thrive Global

October 2018

12 of the Best Low-Fat Vegan Foods to Add to Your Diet

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